Terms and conditions for participation

  1. Conditions for participation:
  2. All participants receive an invitation to the next event by e-mail after online registration via the homepage kampenomals.dk
  3. Historiecenter Dybbøl Banke reserves the right to deny future participation based on an assessment of the participant’s action in regards to the following:
    • Authenticity of the participant’s goods and/or demonstration
    • Interaction with audience and other participants
    • The number of participants compared to the number of registrations
    • Terms and conditions of the organiser

2 Military units must follow the terms and conditions of Historiecenter Dybbøl Banke, and the safety demands, that generally apply for historical re-enactments. Violations of the safety demands may lead to legal penalty in accordance with Danish law. All units will be informed about the safety demands prior to the event at night.

3 All participants must register and sign for their participation as soon as possible after arrival. Food tickets are handed out after registration.

4 All participants are required to follow the rules of the Sønderborg Municipality, as the camp is situated on their area.

5 Military units, sutlers and craftsmen, who have not participated in the event before, must write a short description of the unit on the online registration, with necessary information for the organiser.

6 Specific for sutlers and non-combatants

1 Only participants, who have registrered as sutlers and craftsmen, may sell period goods. We encourage everyone, who sell period goods to also give a description or demonstration of the goods.

2 Participants, who are registered as craftsmen, and who has a period craft or skill, must demonstrate this for the audience using either tools or methods of the time.

3 All elements must be suited for illustration of the middle of the 19th century (1850-1864)

For all:

Payment: The event is free, if you participate as a re-enactor or craftsman. All meals are included from Friday evening to Sunday morning. Family members (in modern attire) may also participate, but have to camp outside the historical area in their own tent or trailer.